Public Masses should restart on June 1st

Praise the Lord, the public Masses at MCSC should restart on June 1st.

The guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Edmonton will be followed, and you are asked to review them prior to attending our public Masses.

Note that each person is required to bring and wear a mask…those without masks will not be able to enter the chapel.

Only 50 people (counting the priest and all others) are allowed in the chapel at any one time.

Therefore, since we are in a rural location, Registrations will be done on site, once you arrive at MCSC.  (We want to avoid having anyone register and then not show up – with the resultant empty place in the pews and no ability to let someone replace them.)

Directional arrows will be posted, showing only one entry and one exit.  The exit will be the door beside the statue of Mary, at the front left of the worship area.

Our Blessed Mother shows us the way…