About the Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society

Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre (Edmonton area) operates under the umbrella of the Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society (CCCS).

CCCS is aligning itself with the international Carmelite Order comprising of three branches of Men, Cloistered Nuns and Lay Persons, spread through Europe very fast and then in South America and now in Asia & Africa with presence in more than 90 countries round the globe. It will concentrate its charitable works to orphanages, social services, medical supplies and education in Kenya and Tanzania and the Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat areas of India (in the west coast region of India).

The charity has members in various communities doing charitable works in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. The members and supporters of the charity have established relationships with their affiliates in the chosen areas in Africa and India. The charity had in the past supported a village in Nigeria in providing funds for water well and pumps for a school.