What is the Lord calling you to do in support of Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre?  We ask You to pray about and discern His will in this regard.

Those who register on our Contact page, will simply join our list of “Subscribers“.

Later, you might wish to become “Friends” or “Benefactors” or “Members of our Third Order“.


We anticipate that our “Subscribers” will be able to take advantage of our various offerings, and hope that many will be able to attend our special retreats and events.

For those who wish to become “Friends” of Mt. Carmel, their sharing of time, talents, treasures and ‘tongues’ (witness) – will be critical to our mission and growth.

Some may wish to become “Benefactors” and assist us in a financial but less “hands on” manner.

For those called to become “Members of our Third Order“, a deeper spiritual journey becomes their path.

Remember that our Lord doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies those He calls!


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